About Us

We founded the HEIRCOMB company when I was going thru some of my Grandfather's belongings and stumbled upon a metal comb he had given me. This was a comb that he had probably obtained in the early 1950's, I remember him using this comb day in and day out, it seemed to always have a presence in his daily routine. The comb always sparked my interest, and as a young boy I always wanted to get my hands on it because it was so much more sophisticated than your standard run of the mill plastic comb. Over the years I watched this man gain all of his wisdom, and lose some hair, this is when he passed the comb down to me, his "Heir". For years I kept his favorite comb safe, knowingly that someday I would pass it on to my son, not for what it was, just a comb, but the stories it could tell being that it has been around since the early 1950's. A time when people took pride in the way they looked, and a pocket comb was a part of every gentleman's daily carry. As I was using the comb one day I thought why couldn't I make this a possibility for everyone, this is when I decided to create the Heirloom quality HeirComb. An item that could be used for a lifetime, and handed down thru generations. Not just a comb, but an item that is with you through the many stages of your life, from your first date, to combing your son's hair for picture day. An item that would spark an interest in everyone that sees it, an item that has an invaluable story to tell to those that would dare ask.