The Kinsman<br><font size=4><em>Minimalist Wallet</em></font>

The Kinsman
Minimalist Wallet

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The Kinsman wallet is for the times when you don't need a whole lot, just the essentials to get you through your day. Ditch that bulky back pocket wallet that’s like a bullseye for theft, and feel secure with your cards and cash easily secured in your front pocket. This wallet is made from high quality USA Made Stainless Steel, and can hold up to 10 cards. Durable Nylon / Elastic secures your cards between two stainless steel plates, and doubles as a cash strap.  As an added feature, and after seeing so many of our friends digging into their bulky wallets for a credit card bottle opener we decided to incorporate the opener right into the wallet itself. No more fumbling around for a bottle opener when you need one.